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First of all:

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! :heart:

Those made my day <3
and all the other support I've gotten from you - you seriously rock!! ;u;

As some of you may have noticed I've been away from da (and from internet in general) a lot lately. There's been some irl stuff going on - which seems to be ok for now. It has been bugging me that I haven't properly informed anyone about it.
And for the last week I've been spending time with my sis now that she has summer holidays and for the next week there's gonna be some more people visiting. 

For now it seems I won't be much online (or drawing anything digital) untill the early July. ;o;

Hope you understand and that you all are having a wonderful summer! :heart: :happybounce: 
Huisku 1656 by Reos-Empire



0-150 CP - Citizen
150 CP - Recognized
250 CP - Exemplar
400 CP - Noble
500 CP - Paramount












The Mighty Pond Trio by Ghentian

Full body
Lined = 1CP
Colored = +2CP
Shaded = +1CP

Base points = +2CP
Corresponding land background = +1 CP

Personal art = +1 CP
Training = +1 CP

Total: 9



Glorious disaster by Ghentian

Full body
Lined = 1CP
Colored = +2CP
Shaded = +1CP

Base points = +2CP
Corresponding land background = +1 CP

Personal art = +1 CP
Training = +1 CP

Total: 9



Huili by Ghentian

Full body
Lined = 1CP
Colored = +2CP
Shaded = +1CP

Base points = +2CP
Corresponding land background = +1CP

Personal art = +1CP
Training = +1CP

Total: 9
















Sketched/lined base = 0,5 CP
Colored = + 1CP
Shaded = +0,5 CP


1656 by darkmoondancer by
Full body chibi
Lined 0,5CP
colored +1CP 
shaded +0,5CP

= 2CP

Ruojat Meetup by impalae by
Sketched/lined base = 0,5 CP
Colored = + 1CP
Shaded = +0,5 CP

EDIT 2 //
I'm gonna pick 1-2 more at some point but since these comments with beautiful characters keep coming I need to close the trades so the decision won't get even more difficult than what it is already! :'D

So, I will come back here at some point and pick some trade partners (send note) and ask if you still are up for an art trade. That'll happen soon-ish - depending on my art mood! hopefully soon!


EDIT// Ok, so I already accepted 3 art trades but I TOTALLY WANNA DO MORE! D: Your characters are so interesting! <3
I think I'm gonna first finish these and then take some more 8D So don't worry if you didn't get picked yet, next time might be your time (if you are still interested)! ;u; 

I think I'm gonna leave these open since the first one I picked is already half way done~ //

Hi again!
I've been drawing lately a lot more than usual (tho, most of the works are still in a sketching phase) and today I stopped for a while to think that it would be a good time to open art trades. It's been a while since they were last time open!

INFORMATION to read before commenting:

-Ah, as you've prolly noticed I'm pretty slow when it comes to art and even now when I'm on my "fierce" arting mode I can be slow compared to others. (But sometimes I can surprise even myself and finish the work really quick, but that's rare! really rare...)

-Your level on art doesn't matter.

-I feel inspired to draw fantasy creatures (especially dragons, gryphins and reptile-like creatures), humans and of course canines. tho atm I feel like drawing fantasy creatures more but I'm not sure how that'll change so let's say I'm open to ALL kinds of characters!

-I put a lot of effort on every piece of art I draw for others so I require you to do the same for your part of the trade (again this is not about your level of art (also, hope I'm not sounding rude ;; ))

-This is not first come first serve. I'll pick the trade partners either randomly or if I'm really attached to your character ;u;

-Just comment with a link to your OC/'s you'd like me to draw. I'll probably contact you with a note if you get chosen.

-Have fun! <3

Hmm... I guess that's that! I'll add more if I forgot something.

I'm not sure how many I'll accept, it can be only just one or some more, depends a lot on how long this drawing mood goes on! :)

And don't be afraid to comment, I'm just a shy little nerd ;u;/

Thank you for reading!

How did your holidays go? I really hope you all had nice time! <3

As I've already stated on my status ( [link] ) I've had busy time with the new member of the family ;v;
I haven't had time to draw but now since she's grown a bit and things are more like routine with her, I think I'll have a bit more time for drawing... maybe? :'D There's still a lot of things to be taught. We'll see! At least I keep on doing those sketches. 

I'd also like to ask from all of you:

what kind of art you'd like to see from me?

Fanart, art of my OCs, canines, other animals, humans (I've been mostly submitting canine art but I've been practising drawing humans at the same time (I've been into designing and improving my human OCs especially these last months)), mythical creatures?
Or maybe some practise on different moods, scenery, poses etc.??

If you have any other suggestions I'd be more than glad to listen! :3 

I really wanna improve and try different things but I don't know where to start! It'd be a huge help if you could throw an idea (or ideas if you feel like it!). But in any case, 

thank you for bearing with my silence and being so supportive all this time, it means a lot to me! You rock! :heart: ;;w;;

have a hug :hug: ;u;

Wolfeyes123 is having an art raffle, check it out!~

Halfbody Raffle - CLOSED - by Wolfeyes123

You should also take a look at their gallery, they have a really nice style! ;)

 - C L O S E D -

edit// commissions are closed now~

Hi! I'm finally opening my commissions - headshot commissions. They'll be open just for a little while! 
There's gonna be some changes in life and the time for drawing will be limited after it. That's why I'm taking them now. And of course these changes will cost some money (don't worry this will be a happy change though <3 ).


(price depends on the character's complexity)

Do you really know me? by Ghentian

Lurking in the shadows by Ghentian

If you only knew by Ghentian

When you commission me:

-You'll get a full file of the image (about 4000px)
-You can use the commissioned image where ever you like but not in any commercial use.
-You are not allowed to claim that the image is done by you

-I'll take the payment after you have seen the basic sketch of the image and after you have accepted it. When the payment is done I'll continue finishing the image.
-After the payment there are no refunds except if I can't do the image for a reason or another, then you get your money back.
-All payments are done through PayPal!

In a note you should link a reference sheet of your character. Tell for example a mood for the picture. You can also tell more details you want in your image! If there's a lot of them the price rises. But again that depends! 

Note me if you are interested or if you have anything to ask! :)

Thanks for reading!

My friend ToastTheOverlord is taking emergency commissions! 

<da:thumb id="633991101"/>

If you can't purchase or donate, spread the word, please! :heart:
I discovered an amazingly emotional, adorable, beautiful short animated film called "The Dam Keeper" (from Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi)! Just watched it and I'm in tears! ;O;

Such an emotional burst! Made me cry many times. Brought some feelings from the time I was bullied myself but then turned them calm and neutral, and giving some good feelings instead of those as it went forwards! Oh goodnes! :heart:

The style and the way it is made is so unique and warm. :heart:

If you are interested even just a bit, go watch it! I highly recommend it! 

Here's the home page:

This film made me feel so relieved and happy, I just... <3333

How have you all been? How's your summer going? ^^

I have myself tried to find inspiration and motivation to drawing (and ways to improve my art). And took breaks from it due to frustration. During these breaks I've been reading a lot of books and played Pokemon GO (#teaminstinct ! 8D ) whenever I've had the chance to steal my mom's phone, mine is too old or something. ;v;  

There has been short periods of time where I've managed to sketch something but I haven't gotten beyond the sketching phase - I always stop when I found the pic too boring or "soulless".
Hnggh! I just hope I could somehow continue making art like I did before. ;v; But I'm happy that at least I have been able to improve my human characters and their stories!

Thought I could ask you if you have had these kind of... situations/times/moments (this feels somehow different than art block but I guess it might be that too...) and how you've managed to get through them?

Been thinking about doing some art challenges. Maybe if I had somekind of destination I could get back to drawing a bit more easily? Is there any challenges you'd recommend, like to see me doing or are just popular? 

If you have any ideas about anything, please write a comment below! :heart: Help is much appreciated!

Thank you for reading, hope you all have a nice day! :hug: 
Hello, dear watchers! :heart:

I'll be taking a break from deviantart. I need some time to get up with some stuff IRL and this site is distracting me with it.

First I need to get my head back to normal before I can continue on things at here. 
In the mean time I'll be practicing some new things on drawing, for example painting backgrounds and studying more anatomy of different species. Also, I've been thinking about getting back to some of my old hobbies, for example jogging! 

So, yep. See you again when I'm back! ^v^

Be well :rose:


Feature time!~

My friend ToastTheOverlord is taking commissions at the moment. Go check them out! ;)

:heart: Commission Information -OPEN- by ToastTheOverlordI'm sexy and you know it by ToastTheOverlord:heart:

And here's even some more beautiful art to bury yourselves in <3

Damante by IntoiI am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes by GryAdventures
Lavinia by Aivoree
- Far away - by Wolfeyes1232363478 by Darenrin

Make Up Your Mind + video by Griimson
Wild Hunt by norapotworaShinri by Intoi
Choo choo by wolf-minori
YCH - Ashes to ashes by impalaeZbrush sketch 3 by Junowski

Hounds. by Hax-MakinaWatch your back - Commission. by EredhysMAD/NESS by MattBarley
Sketch Commission2.0:. Viking by RemarinI find peace at war by ZakraArt

| I can run but my past will follow | by s-alvatore
Red ribbons by wolf-minoriWooden Mecha by Ilari-Grohn-Art
Gold autumn. by AssoviCM: Up Into The Sky by Kur0jii
Spring Cleaning by asiapasek
| I am not a bird but I can feel like one | by s-alvatore

Rexiehh tagged me and Damir! :) <3


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1. Loves running and showing off his strenght.

2. Even though he absolutely adores chaos and action he likes to find also some quiet time in the middle of it all, from time to time, of course.

3. During these quiet times he tends to ponder a lot of things.

4. He doesn't like to show any kind of "soft" feelings since he thinks they make him look weak.

5. It seems he's full of himself but he also loves his friends, he just doesn't show it openly.

6. He likes herbs, but shush! You didn't hear that from me (;

7. The wounds he gets from fights only make him want to fight harder, giving him also somehow powerful feeling.

8. He tries to forget his past.

I tag

Junowski Dragondoge Juno
Lyftrynne Lyft
Grypwolf Timmy 
LordMarlon Mr. Sea Muffin
Zahkiin Aiden

( You don't have to do it if you don't want to! :3 )

And everyone who wants to do it! 

As the title says, I'll be away - from the 11th day till 16th this month. 

Just thought I should inform since some are still waiting art from me (I'm sorry! ;___; I try my best to get them done asap! <3) and that there won't be any misunderstandings!

Thanks for reading.
Hope you have a nice evening/day! :heart:

-Ghent from the dark corner
:iconmissdisfortune: is having an art raffle: <da:thumb id="576012695"/> 

There's some really cool prizes ;)
INSPIRATION HIT ME LIKE A TRAIN!! So many ideas! Ahhh, finally! B)

I'm on a roll, baby!

Oh, and if you are a instrumental/soundtrack music fan check this out! 

it always gives me inspiration :XD:

sorry for the useless journal spam!
If you'd have the time to make a quick comment and tell me a theme (happy, beach theme etc.) which you'd like me to draw, I'd be really happy ;D <3 Seriously, I'm out of themes and environment ideas at the moment O___O 

Oh, and I have holidays the beginning week, that means more drawing time! :dummy: What are you guys gonna do on your holiday? If you have no such a thing, what are you planning for the next weekend? :3

Hope you all are well! <3

I feel stressed and uncomfortable if I don't update you about what's going on at the moment. That's mostly because some of you are waiting art from me and some can wonder where I disappeared! ;v; 
For the one's that are waiting those raffle prizes from me: I will get them done asap when I get back to my apartment <3 of course it will take some time to get all those done so please, be patient <3 :hug: Also, hi to all the new watchers! c:

The thing that's keeping me away from here (this time....) is sickness, chicken pox (grrrrh, how can so annoying, painful and awful disease have such a funny name?!). I went to a doctor a couple of days ago and they said I'd be ok again at the end of the week. I really hope they are right, my head would explode if I couldn't go to school the next week (there's so much things to be done already! -v-). At the moment I feel like Frankenstein's monster and I'm happy that I can avoid public places. I'm sure someone would get a mental heart attack if they saw me... Thanks to my parents, I can be at home 'till this goes over! ^v^

Oh! And also, if some of you are interested I have made an instagram account. Mostly I'll post there art related things, sketches, WIPs etc. There ain't much to be seen yet, but I post there more things than what I do here now since all I can do at the moment is traditional sketches +luckily, add some colour with stabilos sometimes. In the future (when I'll get over this hocus-pocus-pox) I'll post some photos too maybe, we'll see. :)

And my instagram account iiiiss: Ghentiann
(How surprising! *gasp* )

See ya there! (or here when I come back!)

Stay cool! ;)
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And now straight to the "news" -->

I won't be much online here 'cause I don't have internet connection at my apartment yet (if my crappy phone connection doesn't count). That's the reason why I've been away from here for 6 days :stare: I think the starting week will be the worst since I'll be there alone. Oh well, at least I have my tablet, laptop and traditional art thingies with me :dummy:

Just thought I should tell you so there won't be any misunderstandings with late replies etc. ;)

And another thing - I'm sick. Nothing serious, just fever.

Ugh. I feel so... 8( !
Luckily I'm still at home so I can rest (in peace, hehe). 

Anyway, that's it. I'm going to my grave to get some sleep now.

Just... ignore me :XD:

Have a nice day/night! <3
Hi everyone!

I've been a bit more silent with my submissions here (and also elsewhere). And here comes the explanation to that ;)

I'm gonna move to another city and start in a new school next month. The near future is full of changes and it has been creating a lot of stress and nervous (sometimes even anxious) feelings for me. At some point the thoughts of the future were so uncomfortable that it made drawing really hard for me. Now it has eased a bit and I'm back (or at least the 'drawing feeling' is back) and I think everything is going to be normal on that part. 

Still, the silence with submissions might continue: I'm not sure when and how much it is taking my time to move and get all the furnitures etc. to the apartment. But at least I feel more creative at the moment and I think I might finish another drawing soon ;)

So, yep. :stare:

And now to the feature! :dummy:

:iconpashiino: bought me a premium membership some time ago and since I don't have time to draw a thank you -gift to them, I decided to do a feature! ^^ They have beautiful art, check it out! <3

.: | Show me your favorite place | :. by Pashiino.: | Bound to you | :. by Pashiino.: | Stormy sunset | :. Commission by Pashiino.: | New start | :. by Pashiino
.: | Look over your head | :. by Pashiino
missdisfortune is making absolutely GORGEOUS icons! And since their commissions are OPEN I had to commission them for one! 
Look how beautiful icon they made out of Ghent!!  ghentian by missdisfortune :heart: *v*


dali 2.0 by missdisfortune cin by missdisfortune wicked cool by missdisfortune blinking mozart by missdisfortune kyler icon by missdisfortune wild one by missdisfortune shingo by missdisfortune pushing daisies by missdisfortune

They even make linked head icons!

<da:thumb id="446442098"/> pretty ladies by missdisfortune

And small tiny icons!

<da:thumb id="528418167"/> tiny thomas by missdisfortune

The prices are super cheap, just 3 USD for one! Go and check out their gallery for more! >83 :heart: